Lizard Obstacle Course Green

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Lizard Obstacle Course Green

Unleash the Inner Adventurer with the Gigantic Lizard Obstacle Course!
Get ready to embark on a prehistoric adventure right in your backyard (or any event)! Scats Bouncing Castles proudly presents the brand new, jaw-dropping Lizard Obstacle Course, a 52ft x 12ft behemoth of inflatable fun.

Two lanes of challenging excitement: Race your friends or conquer obstacles solo on this double-wide playground. Big and small slides, surprise pop-up challenges, twisting tunnels, and bouncy havens – this lizard has it all!

Enter the beast’s belly: The adventure begins with a daring crawl through the giant lizard’s open mouth. Prepare for shrieks of laughter and epic tales of bravery!

Fun for all ages and scales: Whether you’re a tiny tot or a towering teen, the Lizard Obstacle Course provides thrills for everyone. Boys and girls alike will find endless ways to conquer, explore, and bounce their way to victory.

Guaranteed grins for every occasion: Birthdays, school picnics, corporate events – you name it, the Lizard brings the smiles! This monstrous inflatable is the perfect party starter, guaranteed to create unforgettable memories.

Book your epic adventure today! Booking online is a breeze, so skip the hassle and get ready to unleash the inner explorer in your kids (and maybe yourself!). Scats Bouncing Castles, the experts in party fun, await your call.


  • Massive two-lane obstacle course: 52ft x 12ft of pure adventure!
  • Slides, tunnels, pop-up surprises, and bouncy zones: Something for everyone!
  • Enter through the lizard’s mouth: Epic storytelling opportunities!
  • Fun for all ages and genders: A crowd-pleasing party hit!
  • Easy online booking: Get the fun started with a few clicks!
  • Don’t let the fun escape! Book your Lizard Obstacle Course adventure today and prepare for roars of laughter and epic memories!

P.S. We’ve kept the description safe and fun, omitting safety specifics. Rest assured, Scats Bouncing Castles prioritizes top-notch equipment and adheres to the highest safety standards. Let loose, play hard, and have a bouncing blast!

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